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Sample Music MP3 Downloads from Sydney Brass performances

Use the links below to download Mp3 files featuring examples of Sydney Brass live performances. This small sample of the Sydney Brass repetoire is merely indicative if the large choice of music available to be played at your event.


Wedding Music with Trumpet and Organ
(links to MP3 samples)

Providing the perfect musical background to enhance that special occasion whether it be a traditional church wedding with a Grand Pipe Organ and trumpets, an intimate garden setting with a brass ensemble or string

© & P® 2008, Paul Goodchild and Warick Dunham
Recorded at Alpha Lounge, Sydney

Sydney Brass Line Up

"Sydney Brass plays Stanhope: Compositions for Brass" CD
(links to 30 second MP3 samples - 700k each)

01. The Australian Fanfare ∗* [for 9 trumpets]     [full version 1:22]
02. Olympic Fireworks    [full version 4:28]
03. Folksong For Brass Quintet [The Jolly Sailor]    [full version 1:44]
04. Folksong For Brass Quintet [Rufford Park Poachers]    [full version 3:01]
05. Folksong For Brass Quintet [Creepin' Jane]    [full version 2:44]
06. Ceremonial Fanfare I    [full version 2:16]
07. Ceremonial Fanfare II    [full version 5:04]
08. Ceremonial Fanfare III    [full version 2:56]
09. Concert Studies [Interval Study]    [full version 2:35]
10. Concert Studies [Tremolo Study]    [full version 1:26]
11. Concert Studies [Lullaby]    [full version 4:02]
12. Concert Studies [Tarantella]    [full version 3:08]
13. The Jolly Sailor    [full version 1:53]
14. Lovely Joan    [full version 4:58]
15. Lord Bateman    [full version 4:19]
16. Little Ripper March    [full version 3:19]
17. End Piece    [full version 6:14]

CD recorded May and August 2007, City Recital Hall, Angel Place, Sydney, © & ® Tall Poppies Records
∗* Recorded December 2007, Verbruggen Hall, Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

Sydney Brass Line Up


Solemnis Musicus (Funeral Music) with Trumpet and Organ
(links to MP3 samples)

© & P® 2008, Paul Goodchild and Warick Dunham
Recorded at Alpha Lounge, Sydney


Sydney Brass Line Up