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Solemnis Musicus (Funeral Music)

Organ and Performance AccompanimentSydney Brass can play appropriate solemn music at formal events and other important memorial occassions, such as; family funerals, Anzac Day, Rememberence Day, Armed Services memorials and veteran funerals.

Music holds intrinsic emotional value and can add to the expression of felling at funerals. Sydney Brass recognises the importance of music at funerals and life celebrations. With an extensive repertoire of Solemnis Musicus, we can help you choose that special hymn or piece of music

From a soloist playing the Last Post to a full brass ensemble which may include organist, percussion or string quartet; we are happy to organise what you require.

We have a sample list of Solemnis Musicus pieces played by Sydney Brass.


Paul Goodchild (of Sydney Brass) performs The Last Post at the Sydney Opera House.

Why use a brass ensemble?

Unlike string and woodwind instruments, the sound of brass is very effective in a variety of spaces, large or small, indoor or outdoor, any setting is ideal as no amplification is required. Be it background music or a resounding flourish of fanfares, the sound of brass enhances any occasion.


How much does it cost?

Prices start from $250 (inc GST). A list of our costs can be found on the Fee Schedules page. For an accurate quote on a specific event, fill out our Booking/Quotation Form and we'll respond as soon as possible.