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CD released in 2010

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Paul Goodchild



Buy Mixed Dozen CDThe repertoire for trumpet is surprisingly large and varied but little, apart from the well known concertos by Haydn and Hummel, is at all well known. As a solo instrument, its status in the Baroque era was assured, since a large proportion of the music composed then was to provide ceremonial pomp. During the Romantic era, the instrument fell into serious neglect, largely due to the more obviously expressive qualities - both dazzling and introspective - of the violin, cello and piano.

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The Mixed Dozen CD showcases the diversity of repertoire for trumpet and piano - from salon music to an acknowledged masterpiece and contemporary Australian compositions currently in school curricula - and also the range of moods and emotions an instrument with the brightest sonority of any in the orchestra can convincingly convey.

Introductory Note by Greg Keane, 2010

CD Track Listings

Buy Mixed Dozen CDArthur Honegger (1892–1955)
    01. Intrada      [4:41]

Bohuslav Martinu (1890-1959)
    02. Sonatine      [8:05]

Paul Hindemith (1895-1963)
    03. Mit Kraft      [5:18]
    04. Mássig bewegt - lebhaft     [2:22]
    05. Trauermusik - Choral     [7:28]

Alexander Glazunov (1865-1936)
    06. Albumblatt      [4:08]

Jacques Ibert (1890-1962)
    07. Impromptu     [2:15]

Matthew Hindson (1968- )
    08. Ignition: Positive (rev. 2010)      [7:28]

Pierre Max Dubois (1930-1995)
    09. Choral - La vieille année s'en est allée      [3:32]

Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990)
    10. Rondo for Lifey      [1:32]

Alan Holley (1954- )
    11. Forgotten Clouds      [2:54]
    12. Summer Bird     [3:52]
    13. Blue Triangle      [2:42]
    14. Calling     [3:11]
    15. Flight     [4:58]

CD recorded May and June 2010, Trackdown, Sydney, © & ® Sydney Brass


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International Trumpet Guild Journal, from ITGuild Journal, March 2011.

Paul Goodchild—Mixed Dozen
Paul Goodchild, trumpet; David Miller, piano
One M One 1M1CD1038 (CD); 1M1 Records;;

Honegger: Intrada; Martinu: Sonatine; Hindemith: Sonata for trumpet and piano; Glazunov: Albumblatt; Ibert: Divertissement; Hindson: Ignition: Positive; Dubois: Choral, La vieille année s'en est allée; Berstein: Rondo for Lifey; Holley: Forgotten Clouds; Holley: Summer Bird; Holley: Blue triangle; Holley: Ornithologia.

Trumpeter Paul Goodchild, having held the position of associate principal trumpet with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra since 198$. is one of Australia's leading players, with many years of experience performing in a wide variety of genres. In this 2010 release, Goodchild, with the sensitive and artistic collaboration of pianist David Miller, presents a diverse program of solo repertoire both old and new. Goodchild, through his radiant playing, shows off a wide variety of characters and moods. The first half of the disc features the more standard works of Honegger, Martinu, Hindemith, etc., all performed with superb musicality and verve. After that, he includes some lesser-known, yet wonderfully attractive, contemporary pieces by Australian composers. His interpretation of Martinu's 1956 Sonatine is engaging; especially in the chorale section where he delivers a most riveting performance. He performs Glazunov's Albumblatt with superb sophistication and charm, and lbert's jazz influenced Impromptu is a treat to hear. Among the many highlights of the CD for this reviewer are the works by Matthew Hindson and Pierre Max Dubois. Hindson uses hip-hop techno musical elements, with rhythms and harmonies that remind one of disco nightclub music. While certainly an atypical style for classical solo trumpet repertoire, it is quite intriguing and attention grabbing—a real "audience pleaser." The Dubois chorale, with its lush harmonies and soaring melodies, is performed with a strikingly beautiful sense of line and song. Goodchild plays with a consistently brilliant and focused sound throughout the recording, and his interpretations are compelling. The recording quality is first-rate, and extensive liner notes are included. This is a terrific CD that belongs in every serious trumpet player's collection.

Review by Peter Wood, associate professor of trumpet, University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL.
ITG Journal, March 2011, page 73, © 2011 International Trumpet Guild, visit ITGJ for more information.